Our Story

The vision of the creative pastry shop "Alice and Theo" is built around the idea of transforming favorite and familiar tastes into a new form, or vice versa: to give a familiar form a new taste. We adapt concepts from different cuisines, sometimes combining them in one dish.

We use only quality ingredients, giving priority to local producers and suppliers.

Our menu is very flexible and will change according to the season and the tastes of our guests. We started our project with artisan ice cream, which will always be in our menu.

Our kitchen is headed by chef Oleg Reznikov, who has honed his many years of experience in various restaurants in Montreal, including Toque and Hotel Saint-James restaurant.

We named this cafe after our children, because we put our whole soul into this project. We are glad to see you, your children and friends here in our cafe, where there is something for everyone to make your day a little brighter.